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Who We Are

Visual storytellers, graphic designers, and tech-entrepreneurs, who are passionate about seeing ideas come to life. We focus mainly on making your performance impactful by creatively providing fresh insights and perspectives so that your message is delivered appropriately and persuasively to your audience.


Our work ethic and strong capabilities have provided us the opportunity to assist top-ranked businesses and individuals. Such as Fortune 500 companies and prominent industry leaders to achieve breakthrough results with their presentations.

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To connect people through captivating visual stories that help bring great ideas to life.

The co-creation of a new era, where interactive presentations are becoming the most powerful tools of education, inspiration, and sharing of information.

Presonate Philosophy

We combine our interest in the art and design of presentations with our in-depth experience and creative know-how to make our offering unique. We view each of our projects as an opportunity to widen our knowledge, and to help our clients deliver value to society.

Presonate Gives Back

With great creative power comes great responsibility. We love to give back to the community, and we leverage our expertise to design meaningful solutions to real challenges.

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