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We’re looking for creative professionals who believe in the power of visual storytelling

Who We Are

Officially, we’re a creative presentation design agency that brings ideas to life.

But, really, we’re a lot more than that.


Our group works closely together to create stunning presentations for our clients. When you join Presonate, you join a family connected by our vision.


We want to create a world where presentations are powerful tools to help education, inspiration, and information sharing.


Here, consistent work pays off. We celebrate every achievement, and motivate you to work on your individual success, as well as the company’s.

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A year ago, I was a freelance illustrator, and today, I’m the Graphic Art Director of an ambitious presentation agency. Thanks to this supportive team behind me, a presentation I illustrated won the Global Prezi Award. I’m so happy I get to work in a place where they finally value my creativity.

Agnes, Lead Graphic Art Director, Presonate

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What We Offer


Valued Creativity

Presonate is privileged to work with top experts who understand the importance of using visuals in today's interactions. Your work and input will be cherished here.

Thoughtful and polished work
is always guaranteed when partnering with this team of experts.
Kelly Singsank, Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
Such good work. You should be proud of this - nice!
Brett Loveman, Founder & Principal, Cut Canvas
You guys are amazing, I trust you 100%. I'm referring you to more colleagues.
Marina Zennaro, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Salesforce


Work Remotely

Forget your daily commute. Sign in from anywhere in the world, and meet other like-minded people across the globe. Although we’re miles apart, we’re never alone. And in today’s world, working from home has never sounded so good.



Exciting Routine 

There’s never a dull day at Presonate. Work on interesting projects and take part in innovative design opportunities every day with us.










Made Impact in



Made Impact in



From the first moment, I felt lucky to have found a company that shares my values. The friendly environment, healthy encouragement, and remote opportunities are only a few reasons why Presonate is my dream job. I’m happy to be part of something so exciting and work together with such talented people!

Liza, Visual Communication Specialist, Presonate

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Us

We love R&D and innovation. Share your passion with us and we’ll help you achieve great results with your ideas. From patenting advice to developmental or promotional support, we’re behind you as a team.



Our Own Patented Product

Flowl combines our love of presentations with our dedication to spreading knowledge. It isn’t just a game. It’s an opportunity to bring people together, and develop their presentation skills through fun activities.

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Presonate Gives Back

With great creative power comes great responsibility. We love to give back to the community, and we leverage our expertise to design meaningful solutions to real challenges.

Hello Tomorrow Hungary

This NGO set up by the Presonate Team helps up-and-coming science-entrepreneurs bring their products to the market. We know their research and ideas drive the future of the world, and we want to make their innovations accessible.

Learn More


This crowdsourcing project by Presonate team members promotes a new era of education. Designers contribute with free presentation designs to teachers, so they can maintain students' attention through remote teaching in difficult times.

Learn More

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