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With Visual Storytelling expertise for 2D Animations and Corporate Presentations

We are looking for an experienced Storyboard Artist based in Hungary to work full-time at Presonate™.

Become Presonate’s visual storyteller and work with one of the world’s TOP 60 brands.

Do you naturally imagine visuals where others only see text? Are you the creative mind who can transform text based content into visual stories? If you are passionate about explaining your ideas visually, quickly sketch your thoughts on paper or digital canvas to share with others, then this is the perfect place for you to spark your imagination.

At Presonate, you’ll be the mastermind behind the visuals of world-class presentations and informative 2D animations for several key clients’ international teams.

We’ve established a long-term strategic partnership with a global business that employs some of the best visual communication techniques in the world, and you’ll be working closely with Presonate’s team members to deliver products beyond our client’s expectation.


Our Ideal Candidate

You’re a naturally curious mind, with a strong interest and comprehensive knowledge of various disciplines, such as Business Development, Science and Technology, Marketing, Sales, Psychology or Philosophy. Our ideal candidate is highly intelligent, creative and exceptionally skilled in the field of visual storytelling. You can turn complex ideas into simple, yet powerful visual content. You can collaborate with other artists to produce striking materials for sales, enablement and marketing purposes. Since you’ll be collaborating with international clients, a professional level of understanding and fluency in the English language is a key requirement.



  • You’ll sketch visualized concepts and storyboards based on written or audio content that will provide the master input for our graphic designers and animators

  • You’ll attend briefing sessions and carry out your own research to understand technical topics such as “Using AI in Sales Processes” as well as the client’s content, vision, and technical details of products

  • Create plans for visual continuity and discuss these with Presonate’s clients, graphic designers and animators

  • You’ll gain an understanding of the end product and the software that’s behind it, to set layouts and structures, create interconnections and visual continuity of all design elements

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Presentation Slide Concept

STEP 01  Carefully interpret the text heavy slide

STEP 02 Search on the internet for inspiration

STEP 03 Sketch the creative concept

STEP 04 Make sure that the end product is aligned with the concept


Required Skills and Qualifications 

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Art, Media studies, Mass Communications, Fine Arts, or other related fields

  • A minimum of 4 years of proven experience as a Storyboard Artist or a Visual Storyteller

  • Strong imagination, sense of using metaphors, symbols and analogy

  • Wide knowledge of structures, layout, and processes

  • Can break down the story into elements and observe the relationship between each

  • Good understanding of layout, composition, sequential drawing, and editing as well as a strong understanding of framing

  • Ability to interpret and transform abstract ideas and texts into compelling visual stories


Desired Characteristics

  • Emotionally intelligent, proactive, helpful, and highly reliable

  • Sense of humor

  • Highly curious

  • Motivated to continue learning, adapting, and using new techniques

  • Creative with a strong sense of community involvement

  • Attentive

  • Sympathetic


What We Provide

  • Full-time contract (40 hours/week)

  • Competitive salary aligned with your experience and qualifications

  • An international work environment with great career opportunities

  • Exciting projects, involvement with multiple contacts/projects/teams

  • Professional environment: we are multi-award winning presentation team

  • Continued learning and development - training from internal and external experts

  • Remote work - work from the comfort of your home

  • Most up to date tools to work with


Place of Work

At the moment, this is a remote working opportunity. We’re committed to building a community at Presonate and we’re an international team so that means we mostly connect via technology.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, we’d love to hear from you!

Please read the application form carefully, collate all the necessary information, and apply by submitting the form with all appropriate attachments.


There’s an opportunity for an immediate start for the right candidate.

The application is open from: 22 December, 2020

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Storyboard Artist/
Visual Storyteller
If you don’t have any experience as a Storyboard Artist or Visual Storyteller, please have a look at our other positions.

Personal Information

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Why are you a good fit for this role and for Presonate?

Creative References

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Professional References

Please provide the contact details of your previous employers from any Storyboard or Visual Storytelling related positions you have held (optional, but recommended)

Proven Experience

Please select how many years of experience you have as a Storyboard Artist, Visual Storyteller, or similar creative role.

English Proficiency 

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