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Ünnepeljük meg együtt az elmúlt évet!

We are committed to continuously enhancing our impact through donations and activities aligned with the three main pillars of Presonate's giving-back initiatives. Since our inception, Presonate's founders paved the way for strong involvement in social and environmental causes. In 2019, with the participation of our early team members, we identified three main pillars of Presonate's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Environmental Awareness
Supporting Children Facing Unique Challenges or Conditions

Since then, we have consistently fulfilled our responsibilities through both financial support and creative involvement.

Now, we have selected three additional initiatives for ongoing collaboration. We will support these initiatives with both creative activities and financial donations, aligning with each pillar of our foundation.

Please select the initiative you would like to contribute to with a €30 donation, which will be covered and transferred by Presonate on your behalf.


The Creative Learning and Education Foundation is dedicated to discovering, unleashing, and nurturing creativity within the realms of both school and work. At the heart of their initiatives lies the "Creative Partnership Hungary Programme," a comprehensive institutional development program.

Creative Learning and Education Foundation


The PET Cup Association, a non-profit organization, is passionately committed to environmental and nature conservation. Their primary focus revolves around the prevention and management of river pollution, with a special emphasis on the Tisza River and its tributaries. 



They firmly believe in the 'power of friendship to work wonders.' The 'Amigos' are dedicated student volunteers who provide support to hospitalized children in five locations across Hungary through the avenues of friendship and engaging language learning.

Amigos for Children Foundation

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